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Insuring What's IN Your Car

During the busy holiday season, it’s easy to feel like you’re constantly in your car. Between traveling, shopping and winter activities you and your family aren’t the only passengers in your car. Read on to find out how your insurance covers your personal belongings.

Even when traveling in your car, personal property may be covered under your homeowner’s or renter’s policy even away from your home. Here are a few other pieces of property we can cover.

Coverage for Your Electronics

Traveling a long distance? Your electronic devices may be keeping your family busy while you drive. Make sure your navigation and entertainment tools (like GPS, radios, laptops, and DVD players) are covered for the trip. Insuring your electronic devices as part of your vehicle coverage protects against theft of those devices, with no deductible. If you’re a little more old school, we can also insure your classic CDs and tapes.

Suitcases and Personal Belongings

Getting the car packed with luggage can be like a game of Tetris. With all your belongings stuffed in your car, you want to ensure nothing happens to the stuff you bring with you. You may have coverage for luggage and clothing in case of accident or theft.

Gifts for Both You and Everyone on Your List

During the gift-giving season, you may have presents you are either giving or have received yourself. The good news is, these would be considered personal property and may be covered by your homeowner’s or renter’s policy.

Covering What’s Inside Your Wallet

Whether running to the grocery store or traveling to see family, chances are you will have your wallet with you. If you lose your purse or wallet, you may have a small amount of coverage for lost cash. We can also help protect you if your identity is stolen.

You don’t always have to be home to benefit from your homeowner’s insurance. When you bundle your homeowners and auto coverage with us, we can protect your car AND what’s inside, helping to ensure your travel goes smoothly. Before you start your holiday travel you can reach out to your Farm Bureau Agent to discuss how your property is protected while in your car.

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